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Hakuba Happo-one located on the island of Honshu is one of Japan’s largest and most famous ski resorts. From Nagano it takes just over one hour by bus or you can take a train from Matsumoto station to Hakuba station (one transfer) which also takes just over an hour. The area is blessed with breathtaking panoramic views of Hakuba’s hugely impressive mountain range and striking beauty of excellence. It is also known as the competition venue for the 1998 Olympic Winter Games Nagano and thus offers visitors to the region exciting and challenging ski slopes.

The ski runs extend east from Mt. Karamatsu (elevation 2696m) to the base areas-Nakiyama, Shirakaba, Kokusai, Sakka – where they spread out in a fan-like form with the majestic Northern Japanese Alps rising to 3000m in the background.

Declaration of Happo's new start and its next 50years
The natural environment will remain largely unchanged with a commitment to preserve the endless expanse of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers well into the future.

Happo-one gained a reputation as a mountain ski resort since the dawn of the Japanese modern ski movement. With this, it is our hope that in magnificent mountain scenery the pleasure of skiing will remain in people’s hearts for many years to come.

In 2008, Happo-one marked its 50th Anniversary since the first aerial tramway began operation in December 1958. Concurrent with this commemoration, Happo-one Ski School opened to give people a new and thrilling experience.

Another natural attraction of Hakuba Happo-one area are the Mountain and Spa Resorts (Onsen). We encourage you to visit and discover the local onsens and allow yourself to relax and take in the pleasure of our Natural Mountain Springs where our staff are waiting to offer you a warm welcome.

As a first step to accomplishing our goal, we have introduced new services to meet the needs of customers from all over the world. Moreover, we are determined to move forward and advance our hospitality services. With the relaxing effects of our heavenly Hot Springs and the variety of cuisine offered on our menus, we look forward to serving you at Happo-one.

Happo Information Center
Information center is located at the entrance gate of the Happo-one Ski Ground. To reserve bus tickets and hotel accommodation, feel free to ask assistants at the info- center.
Phone Number: 0261-72-3066 (domestic call)
(81-261-72-3066 from overseas)

Usagidaira Information Center
The Usagidaira Information Center is located on the 1st Floor in Usagidaira Terrace.

Phone Number: 0261-72- 2258 (domestic call)
(81-261-72-2258 from over seas)